How do we do inspection?

We will inspect the quantity, design, material, color, sizes etc. Most items we will do random check for maximum 10%~30%, some items we will check one by one when necessary.

  •  Quantity – We will count one by one to make sure no pcs is less;
  •  Color – We will check one by one to make sure all color is correct;
  •  Design – We will compare to the pictures we took before placing order;
  •  Material – We will compare the sample material we have(random check);
  •  Sizes/weight – We will measure to get the exact info(random check);
  •  At the meanwhile, our team will take pictures for every step.

Why have to do inspection?

Inspection is always necessary even when you buy from one Chinese supplier over 10 times.
Some suppliers can not be trusted for 100%. Some of them may give you right items at the beginning, later they may give wrong or different items not sure they want to reduce cost or just by mistake.
Besides that the worker may make mistake on color & qty, it is not always they want to do that but sometimes they are too tired or not happy about something which may cause wrong things. This is beyond control from the boss sometimes.
So a careful inspection is very necessary.

Quick pictures of our inspection

FAQ about our inspection

Can you go other places in China?

Yes for sure. Our team can travel to any place in China for inspection.

Do you open the boxes?

Yes. We will open some boxes for random checking.

Do you do on-power testing?

Yes, for something that work with electricity we will do on-power testing.

Can you take photos as well as video?

Yes for sure. We will take photos as much as possible. We also take video for certain steps for better understanding.

Do you provide inspection report?

Yes. We do provide detailed inspection report.

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