China Guangzhou Sourcing & Buying Agent

Tanndy Ltd was found in 2006. We provide one-stop sourcing, buying, inspection, consolidation & shipping.
We are dedicated to help our clients buy from China easier & safer. Building materials buying is our main business.

How do we source for you?

1) Communicate with you for detailed request.
2) Source from more than 20 suppliers.
3) Recommend the best one to you.
4) Send you detailed quotation sheet.
5) Arrange sample and DHL to you.

How do we follow up?

6) Sign contract & Place order to suppliers.
7) Follow up and keep you updated regularly.
8) Go to factory for goods inspection.
9) Take pictures & videos and make detailed report.
10) Arrange shipping by sea FCL/LCL or by air.

If you are planning to visit China

Before you come to China

1) Advice you the best time to visit China.
2) Send you invitation letter for applying VISA.
3) Help with hotel recommendation & booking.
4) Source the suppliers in advance & Prepare schedule.

When you arrive in China, start purchasing

1) Arrange private driver for airport pickup.
2) Guide you to visit markets/suppliers here.
3) Do interpretation & help with price negotiation.
4) Provide sales confirmation with pictures for you.

After you complete the purchasing in China

1) Sign legal contract with suppliers & place the orders.
2) Follow up production & keep you updated regularly.
3) Do careful inspection to make sure quality & quantity.
4) Arrange truck for goods collection to warehouse.
5) Do customs clearance & make export documents.
6) Arrange shipping by sea FCL/LCL or by air.
7) DHL you original documents like BL, INV, PL, CO for destination port clearance & container pickup.

What is our advantage?

Factory Resources

Help you buy from factories

Prompt Response

Reply quickly during working hours

Careful Service

Careful management & inspection

Guiding clients in China

We do careful inspection

Inquire now and get reply in 30mins

WhatsApp / Phone No. (Plus Country Code)

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WhatsApp or Call is welcome

Tips: Welcome to talk by Email, WhatsApp and Call
David: 0086-18620044981 (WhatsApp, WeChat)
We will respond in 30mins during working time.

  1. Raphael Yibmaramba

    Hi please maintain contact with me so that I will contact you when I want to order goods from China.

    • Hi Raphael, Thanks for contacting us. I will contact you for the buying from China.

  2. Theo

    I am looking for a CNG sourcing agent.
    We have a requirement for 15 Units (Fast-fill buffer station), CNG cascades for storage (Daughter type) as well as vehicle fitted CNG tanks (80 and 100l cylinders)
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Theo, Thanks for the inquiry. I will contact for further discussion.

  3. Ratu Yogesh

    Hi iam yogesh from fiji i would like to come to guangzhou on 5th january looking for ur agent to help me in purchasing goods and also if u can send me watsapp number
    Looking forward for ur reply thanx….

    • Hi Ratu, Thanks for the inquiry. We can help you arrange the visiting schedule and prepare the suppliers for you in advance. I will add your whatsapp.

  4. Денис Верещагин

    Cool, I want to come to Guangzhou and buy hotel supplies items, can you tell me where to go, how to buy and ship?

  5. Bird

    Am from Fiji, interested to buy typres and School desk for student at primary schools. Please i need your quick respond.

  6. Lehoko

    i would like to have my own clothing business and furniture business please help. i am based in South Africa

    • tee

      Hi Lehoko
      I am based in SA and can assist with clearing your docs in SA send me your watsapp details

      Thanks .

      • Fikile Precious Makondo

        Hey tee
        Also need help with doc clearence

  7. Nomon

    Hi my name is Nomon, from South Africa. I’m looking for an agent in China, can you please send me information about it.i want to start a clothing stores, or I want to sell clothes and shoes and sneakers,mix clothes.for Mans, women and children.
    Please advise how much will it cost for all your service including documentation.regards Nomonde

  8. NI HAO, My name is Andrew, I come from Australia, am looking for a good agent to sell bicycles in Australia, especially from Chongqing, where I studied for a year. Pls assist me….XIEXIE

  9. Lotta

    We are coming to china next week and need the services of someone to show us ladies leather garment factories as we are suppliers of leather clothing in Australia
    Please contact me urgently. Regards

  10. asma

    Hi! I am from South Africa and I would like to become an agent on behalf of your company for the clothing trims industry in South Africa.

  11. Daniel

    I manage a business that imports clothing and other goods to South Africa.
    We focus on buying clearing stock of clothing garments (shirts, jeans etc.), in large quantities.
    (and also buy other products if the deal is good).

    • Mohammed

      Hello Daniel I want to buy clothing from China will u be able to help import from China. I’m from south Africa Durban

  12. Jim

    Ordering 7″tablets with SIM slot and WiFi for schools. Please quote me per piece in bulk.
    Blessings and thanks always

  13. Arnaud

    We are interested to do whosale of A4 papers in Mauriitus.
    Do you have goods supplier which can give us a good price for 700boxs shipment CIF to Port Louis (Mauritius).

  14. Benjamin

    I am planning to come to Foshan next week or so. I am buying constrution materials, tile, kitchen, bathroom… for just one house.
    I might need interpreter for one day as well as arranging shipping. Are you able to help me with that? What are your rates? Thank you

  15. Tarin

    Hie I’m really interested in your advert, may you please help me to how can it cost to import vehicle diagnosis machine ,four wheel alignment

  16. Chester.Steven

    Hi my is Chester steven I am from New Guinea I am interested to purchase goods from your end..
    Chester .Steven

  17. Mai T

    Planning to visit Guangzhou in February. Want to buy agricultural equipment. Can you please link me up. Mai T Zimbabwe

  18. Cordialeent

    Mon nom est Kassoum SORO.
    Jeune Ivoirien vivant dans l’ouest de la Côte d’Ivoire.
    Est t’il possible de représenter une des partie de vente de vos produits? Si oui quelles sont les conditions ?


  19. Christou

    Hi. I am travelling to Yantai, Shandong on the 24th of February. I am sourcing seafood to export to Australia. I have organised factory tours already and wanted to know what services you can offer in regards to translation and negotiation. Can you please give me a idea of cost also. Thanks.

  20. Tawan

    hi im Tawan feom Zimbawe i hve gone thru yo website and im interested with yo services you are offering and i planning to visit yo Country after yo festive holiday i want to purchase some products from yo country so can we chat more on my App number which is as follows +263 77284605.
    Best Regards TT Madondo

  21. Christian Kloster

    Hello Tanndy.

    I just arrived to GZ and would like to use your services. Please contact me.

    Thanks in avance.

    Best regards,

    Christian Kloster

  22. Richmond

    Hie. Am glad to note that yu can help me purchase items from your agents. How can i buy an automotive diagnostic tool to include the price and delivery costs

  23. Hello
    how much will it cost to ship LCL for 1/2 a 40ft regular container to Kampala Uganda

  24. Lameck phulanya

    interested and I love it

  25. I am Charles living in Zimbabwe and interesting with your products I wanted to start some products of farming so am looking for business partner, and I wanted some Agricultural equipment to establish here in Zimbabwe Capital City of Masvingo and Chiredzi my contact # is +26377454**** my App

  26. Kwaku

    Hello, am in a dealer in electronics in Ghana and am interested in finding a reliable sourcing agent in China who can get me the best products at the best prices. For now my orders are too big bcos am a young company but I seek to grow with time. Kindly contact me and lets do business. Thanks
    Kwaku Owusu

  27. Janani

    I am Janani from India.
    I have a few questions regarding shopping markets in Guangzhou.
    I came across your website while surfing the internet. Could you please help me with my query?
    I am looking to stuff at retail stores for personal use. Is there someone i can text to find out more and send details notes of what i want?
    Thanks in advance

  28. Lilly Manyaka

    Hi, my name is Lilly manyaka from south Africa, I want to buy two gold Throne Chairs for groom and bride already have the name of the seller , please contact me so we can discuss costs implications

  29. Danny Justice

    Hi am Danny from Ghana we deals in stationery products especially A4 paper 80 gsm. Looking for a trustworthy and a reliable supplier or agent in either yiwu or Guangzhou

  30. David M. Sichilima

    I’m looking for a sourcing agent for Agricultural and hardware products.

  31. KP

    Hi my name is KP, from Botswana. I’m looking for an agent. i want to start a clothing stores, selling all kinds clothes and shoes and sneakers for men, women and children.
    Please advise how much will it cost for all your service including documentation.regards KP

  32. Martha

    I think this is really good

  33. Natascha

    Hi guys, any testimonials in dealing with these guys? How was your experience?

  34. Alban

    I’m Alban from Malawi. I would like to know if it is possible for someone to be your agent for selling your goods.If so what are the conditions?

  35. Ravi

    I have a retail store in south africa and sell a variety of homeware good, ie, tools, cleaning materials, electrical appliances, ladies handbags etc.
    I want to come through to china to source goods but need an agent. Please assist.

  36. Thabani Mkhize

    I’m a South African, based in Durban.
    I want to become a porcelain tiles sourcing agent, and supply retailers and wholesalers
    I ask for you guidance as where to start

  37. Jimoh Sulaimon Olakunle

    I’m Sulaimon from Nigeria . I’m looking for reliable procurement and shipping agent.
    And also, What are the requirements to be consider to become a procurement and shipping agent?

  38. Good Day

    Do you allow drop shipping. I’m from South Afruca

  39. Sandile Mhlongo

    I would like to source fertiliser and distribute / sell to farmers here in South Africa

  40. Mohammed

    We are looking for a sourcing agent for some equipment we are looking to purchase from block manufacturing companies in the henan province. We require sourcing of equipment, product specification, equipment inspection, testing equipment for several hours, ensuring quality wiring, motors, springs and metal being used, ensure correct dispatch/overseeing loading on to container. Please contact me to discuss further, as I will be visiting soon China soon.

  41. Patryk

    My name is Patryk and I am looking for a agent to help me get a new design food packaging manufactured in China. I was wondering if you could give me a indication of the costs involved with your services.
    Yours Sincerely

  42. Patricia

    Good morning
    Hi I will like to get an information about buying from China and doing business with you guys and helped me with a shipping to south Africa, is for the business

  43. Sam

    Hi I am from South Africa. I would like to buy stuff on small scale and import to South Africa. So I need a good supplier as well. Basicaly I want to buy all sorts of stuff like the Wish app. Then ship or by Air to me in SA. Can you assist me and give me a supplier that sell all sorts of goods? My name is Inus

  44. Anesu

    hie my name is Anesu I am interested in buying ladies clothes shoes & handbags from China can you please assist I am in south Africa

  45. Mpho

    Hi…my name is mpho and i am looking for agent supplier from china…who can assist me with advice how to start my own company…i want to sell cloths, shoes, hairpiece and accessories…please someone can help…i am based in South Africa

  46. Mark

    I am based in the US and doing the enquiries on behalf of my brother who intends to travel later from Ghana to China to buy construction supplies and some electronics for a private home he’s building. He would like to use your service to make it easier for him. He would like to send you a list of the supplies he needs to have an idea of the price if that is possible. Thank you.

  47. Jeralyn

    Muy bien

  48. Chris Ab

    I am presently working with Oppein for a kitchen and other joinery. Depending on how much space I have in the container I would then also like to purchase click lock bamboo flooring and window drapes and blinds.
    If you let me know about your service and what tanndy could do for me that would be great.
    Chris Ab

  49. Auxie

    I would like more information regarding the help you’re able to offer when it comes to purchasing and exportation of goods to international countries. I reside in Africa.
    I need to buy various kinds of kitchenware for business as well as shoes and clothing in bulk.
    How are your charges like should I need help from you that you help me source the commodities and then ship them over to me.
    Thank you

  50. Anne

    Currently planning on visiting Guangzhou to try kick start my fashion collection. Wanted to come before the year ends as i have a goal to sell for valentines day so would be looking for things like lingerie.
    Would like a sourcing agent to be my eyes over there and to help with the whole process as I am not too sure how things are done over there. and want to make sure i am doing everything right.
    If you could let me know how you can help, any suggestions and what your fees are like too.

  51. B. Mk

    So you assist a customer who wants to purchase household items for example one product e.g. plasma screen for home use.
    Hi I need an agent to do shopping and shipping for me, I want to buy used clothes please give me details on how to do all this,
    Will be glad to hear from you soon
    B. Mk

  52. Jason

    Hi, hope all is well with you. Can you help my Family Business source High Quality Chinese Agricultural machines such as; Two wheel walk behind Multi function Tractors and 4 wheel compact Utility tractors with FEL and backhoe attachment. We are interested in other farm and hardware products upon further discussion. Can you help us? And at what cost?
    Kind regards

  53. Good day,

    I am looking for an agent who can act on my behalf, I would like to purchase paper in China and import to South Africa with my own branding. I have found a paper supplier, but I need to find out if they are fraudulent or legit.

    Thank you very much

  54. Enzowy

    I bought 2 container of fabric sofa from a factory in Shenzhen China.
    The goods expected ready around end of November, can you please advise what is your company details charges if you do the inspection for our company??
    – What will check?
    – How is your payment system?
    – What if the QC inspection not good, you will go to check again?
    – Do you have any example of sofa report to show us as a reference?
    Purchasing Director

  55. Wynand Bredenkamp

    Good Day,
    I have about 900 Kg Guanidine Hydrochloride that I want to sell back to manufacturer in either Shangai or
    Jinan. Can you assist with negotiations, do you have local people in SA to assist with QC, what kind of fee are we looking at. Product is packed in 15Kg sealed plastic bag inside paper drum containers (2,5Kg) with wooden lid tightened with galvanised lid bracket. Product stored in cool dry environment.

  56. Sheldon Tari

    i am Sheldon Tari
    i am looking for a company that can help with export agent sourcing agent suppliers
    the country i will be sending to is Africa
    Kind Regards
    Sheldon Tari

  57. orlandokidd

    We have used ejet in yiwu for 3 years many quality control issues…we tell them exactly what needs to be corrected and it never is..we are looking for new agent.

  58. Ankur

    I want total solution for medical supples to be take over from DONGGUAN,GUANGDONG factory, repack it in my brand boxes ( box manufacturer will also be look out by you) and send these boxes to indonesia, singapore and india.
    2) I need to hire a representative who can market my product in China also.
    Please revert at earliest.

  59. Mario

    Dear sir/madame, my name is Mario’s and I represent a company in Greece that sells products in store and online. We are looking for an agent in China to manage our products finding, quality check and shipment to Greece. We want to find an agent, build trust and a long term partnership. We will be happy to cooperate. Reply me as soon as possible. Thanks.

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