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China has the biggest & most comprehensive building materials wholesale markets together with numerous manufacturers. Here you can easily find lots of options with good quality.

How do we help you?

With 14 years experience we are able to help you buy from factories directly. Check below for details.

1) Arrange private driver for airport pickup.
2) Guide you to visit markets/suppliers here.
3) Do interpretation & help with price negotiation.
4) Provide sales confirmation with pictures for you.
5) Follow up production & keep you updated regularly.
6) Do careful inspection to make sure quality & quantity.
7) Arrange truck for goods collection to our warehouse.
8) Do customs clearance & make export documents.
9) Arrange shipping by sea FCL/LCL or air cargo.
10) DHL you original documents for clearance.

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Careful management & inspection

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FAQ & Advice

Can I make order online without coming?

It would be difficult. As the pictures online can not tell the right quality. Something looks nice from pictures but touch different when you got it.
Also the markets here are really big and there are many different kinds of qualities & designs, it will be easy for you to choose and make decision when you are here.
So we always suggest the clients make a plan to visit here. The buying will be efficient and can be finished in 5~6 days.

Does the market/supplier open at weekend?

Yes, the market here open during weekend and normal holidays. The only close time is Chinese new year which used to be 2~3 weeks off by the end of January. So try to avoid this period when making traveling schedule.

Will you recommend suppliers and price negotiation?

We have a manufacturer database and we will recommend them to you when you come. We will bring you there see supplier one by one.

Can you consolidate goods from different suppliers?

Yes. We will arrange a truck to collect all the goods from different suppliers and store them in our warehouse for loading.

Do you have any warehouse for storing goods?

Yes. We have warehouse in Guangzhou & Foshan. We will collect the goods and store it there. We will finally load the container in the warehouse.

Do you do inspection? How do you make it?

Yes, we do the most careful inspection! We used to do random checking according to your order quantity. We will open the cartons and take pictures. We will measure the size, make sure materials, count quantity etc. We even do power-on testing for electronic items.
We will finally send you detailed inspection report including pictures & videos.

How many hours do you work per day?

We normally work 9 hours per day. From 9:30am till 18:30pm.  As markets here used to open from 10:00am and close by 18:00pm. So our working time will be sufficient for daily visit.

Do you do sightseeing & shopping?

Yes, after you finished the buying and want to do sightseeing during spare time, we can guide you to see local culture & customs etc.

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    1. Hi, I wish to buy some materials from Foshan for my house. Can u recommend suppliers and help ship the items. We need tiles, faucets, sanitary, gib boards, aluminium mash, doors, water filters, handles, fence and gate etc

    2. Hi, I would like to import some tiles, sanitary material and lighting from Guangzhou. How can I do this?
      If I travel to Guangzhou, what is the best location to stay for that?
      Can I find a translator and somebody who can help with the export process?
      How many days may I have to stay? Is January a nice month to come?

      • Hi Ribeiro, Thanks for the inquiry. I will send you some hotels for your reference. Yes, we will arrange a good english speaking translator for you, she will follow you during your visit here. You can stay for 4~5 days and January is good to come.

    3. Good morning
      Will need your services. We are coming to buy construction building materials like
      gypsum ceiling boards, Wardrobe, Kitchen fittings, Bathroom sanitary ware , Flooring tiles and laminates, Aluminium windows and internal doors
      Will need to apply for visa so will need an invite. We are coming from Zimbabwe and we wanted to come this month of January 2019
      Your assistance will be greatly appreciated

    4. Could you send us price list of your range of building materials especially tiles of various sizes, roofing sheets,water closets, metal bath tubs and wash my hand basins.

    5. Dear sir / Madam, My name is Ndon. I am a Gambian citizen, residing in The Gambia. I want to come buy furnitures and building materials from Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center and foshan. I will ship them to the Gambia. What are the requirements to obtain an invitation letter from your company? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours sincerely,

    6. I am interested in top brands elegant dresses, pants, suits, shirts and couts for women. Bags( only 100%) classy.
      We are also looking at the opportunity of bringing building materials to South Africa.

    7. I’m from Africa and I would like to know the prices of roof sheets, window sreen, door frames, doors, metal roof, floor Tiles, bathroom and kitchen Tiles, bath tubs, toilet system kitchen sink and outside Tiles and all electronic items

    8. Hi I’m looking to buy furniture, and electronic items for my lodge as such I was planning to visit China so that I can inspect the quality of your products will you help

    9. my name is KG and I am representative of the group of investors From Croatia and Czech Republic. We are investing in 14 luxury villas in Croatia, which 7 start building and schedule to be finished in 3Q year 2019 and another 7 that are planned to be finished in 3Q year 2020.

      We are interested in buying goods for 14 villas, such as furniture, kitchen cabinets, lighting, doors, pools, spa, fitness, ceramic tiles, sanitary, parquet, decorations. Etc. , in short all the required equipment for interior space as well as the exterior area/garden.

      Attached you can find floor plans, idea projects for the first seven houses.
      I am also very interested in coming to China, so after you check our projects I would kindly ask you if you could send me your business conditions and some of the references and projects that you did before.
      Here are my contact details

    10. we are interested to start importing ALL the interior and exterior materials with European Standards for houses & buildings construction since we have inquiries from potential Customers and we are looking for reliable Supplier/s which can provide us with their best quality at the most reasonable prices.

      We have read your website and found it very interesting believing that we can bridge our cooperation at a significant lever in a long term basis.

    11. Hello, i am interested in your services. I am looking to purchase furniture for my house (good quality and at factory pricing). I am currently in foshan and need the services as soon as possible. Can you please send me more details and pricing?

    12. I am coming to Guangzhou to buy building materials. Are you able to help with sourcing and shipment.

    13. Good day. Am planning to come to china for building materials this year. I want
      to know which month has lower prices before end of DECEMBER 2019.
      Regards, Molemi

    14. Hello
      I am an Indian from America.
      I plan to come to China in Oct. buy some furniture for my new office and home in India.
      I am interested in your wholesales market service. I want to know the price of your service. And make a shopping plan before I come to China.

    15. I am interested in building materialsFor triplex house.
      From Steel mesh reo bars to Windows and Doors. Inside kitchen bathroom and tiles lights and plumbing.
      Destination Fiji Islands.
      Let me know?
      Shal Dutta

    16. I am planning for a three star hotel in India I am interested in purchasing furniture, bed ,cot and lights bathroom accessories and allied from China I am from India please suggest

    17. Hi,
      My name is James. Am a Malawian from Africa.
      Am building two houses.
      I want to buy building materials from China.
      I want ceiling boards, floor and wall tiles. Doors, wash basins and vanities, water taps, roofing materials, pant, furniture etc.
      It’s my first time to come and I will appreciate your help. I need an invitation letter from you to apply for visa.

    18. Good day,
      I am planning a trip to China (Guangzhou/ foshan) to come and buy building materials like taps, tiles, bath’s, lights etc.
      Can you assist?
      Thank you,

    19. I want to come on February 18 to March 3 ..
      I’m building 3 flat unit and need .
      Steel for concrete
      Window’s and Doors,
      Plantation Shutters..
      Bathroom and Kitchen with Plumbing Fixtures and all Electricals
      Let me know.

    20. I would like to buy house fittings from China at reasonable prices for good quality. I need:
      1. Floor tiles for entire house
      2. Fully fitted Kitchen
      3. Fully fitted washrooms (5)
      4. Switches, sockets, lights etc
      I also need quality furniture to go along with these.
      Can I get a get a resource to work with and share my building plans to help with quantities and pricing?
      Kind regards,

    21. Hi there,
      My name is Saleh and I am from Oman . I am interesting to come to Guangzhou to explore about building materials and furnitures as well as so industrial line factories machines such as niddle machines , roll forming machines .
      May I know how much you charge per day ?
      and how many parcent you take?

    22. Good day
      I want visit China , Guangzhou. We will be coming to look at Floor Tiles, Decorarion Accessories for wedding and parties, tyres factories and electrical and lights factories
      We are planning to arrive on the 03 November and depart on the 08 of November 2019.
      Your assistance will be much appreciated
      Alex from South Africa

    23. I’m planning to visit Foshan for building material shopping. This time I want to make a have a quick list for two days to see, select and choose the right things.
      can you help me to arrange the tour?
      thank you

    24. I am from Ethiopia
      I am looking for home finishing material
      Doors ceramics bath room products lighting granite kitchen cabinets, Aluminum doors.
      It is for my own real estate company
      I have been to Guangzhou For canton fair in 2018
      Let me choose the materials and we will proceed
      The quality should be best

    25. Hi, I need ceramic tile for food franchise restaurant in Korea. Client is one of major food franchise in Korea. I am planning to visit Foshan next Friday. I would be appreciated if you can help me finding item I am looking for.
      SJ Lee

    26. Hey mate
      Am looking at going to China to source quality materials for our house build
      What are your fees for being our buying agent
      We require: Roofing iron, Gib board, Internal doors, Kitchen unit, Tiles, Exterior cladding, Toilets.
      Plus many other components that will fit in a container
      Looking forward to your reply

    27. I am from PNG. I reside in Jiwaka Province. I need information on importing general merchandise goodsfor whole sale and retail in my Province. I want to start a small general cut price store .Things I want to import for sale in rural towns are clothes footwares kitchen utensiles, stationary, farming tools, and general building material and hardware goods. Later I may look at steel fabricated building materials.
      Can you send me some catalods with all cost from packaging in Chaina to landing in my Province please
      Looking foreward to hearing from you.

    28. Hi am looking to buy some building materials for my new house from China and ship to South looking for aluminium doors and windows good quality,floor and wall tiles,sanitary such toilets, shower ,bathtubs and taps.lights and fittings,kitchen equipment such as electric and gas stoves.kindly pls contact me for more details and sizes. thank you

    29. Hello! My name is Hovhan, I am partner at newly established
      company in Singapore – StarPom Ltd.
      Our company will deal with wholesale trading of different types of building materials.
      Currently I am looking for reliable suppliers and would like to discuss possible business cooperation with your company in this respect.

    30. Dear Sirs,
      We are so glad to came across your Company name and address through Google research where we made to understand that your Company deals mostly on captioned products, which is available to supply in large quantity and best prices, this is the opportunity given to us and to forward our approached message to you for the possible business.
      To start with, kindly provide the general catalog and prices of the products send through attachment by JPG or Excel file, by then the interested items and our main order quantity shall confirmed promptly.
      Thank await your reply.

      MR SHOLA

    31. Dear Sir,
We are Uhod Real State Company from Kuwait and we are interested to obtain your prices for the supply of our requirement for Building Material to build our Residential Building Project in Kuwait having 100 Apartments . We look forward to do good business with you.
Best Regards,,
 Mansour Alameer

    32. Hello Sir/Mdm, my name is Hassan from Saudi. I’m planning to buy different building materials for my house ( Wooden/Steel/WPC doors , floor marble/tiles , electrical appliance … etc ) .
      But due to Corona pandamic , I’m not visiting
      Guangzhou China so I’m thinking that your company will do the job . If yes , please send me all necessary details ( how this job will be done ) including the price and any extra charges . Waiting for reply.
      Thank you & best regards .

    33. Hello sir
      My name is adnan khan.
      I am from india.
      Now i am working saudi Arabia.
      Wood small furniture product.
      My what app no 0545013011
      Please contest

    34. Hi I would like to know your rates please. I need to source Manufacturers for home fixtures for new housing development such as doors, windows, faucets, lighting, bathroom toilets, showers, kitchen sinks, cupboards etc.

    35. Hi we are intending to visit Foshan & Gaungzhou for buying a building materials for our house in Australia. Would you able to provide all your services and cost for your services please.

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