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Post about buying from China

Where to buy Hotel Supplies from China – Guangzhou Xinji Hotelex Market

If you like to buy hotel supplies items like kitchenware, tableware, hotel furniture from China, then Xinji Hotelex Hotel Supplies Market in Guangzhou can be a good place for you to visit.

How to calculate volumetric weight properly?

When you are having some goods shipped by air or courier, you will need to know the shipping cost is usually calculated by volumetric weight. Most of the time, the volumetric weight will be much greater than actual weight. How to calculate properly? Today let’s share you some useful points.

How to buy from China during the outbreak of CoronaVirus

Due to the spread of CoronaVirus in the world, many countries are lockdown for a couple of weeks. Since the virus could last for a long time, what is happening for buying from China, how to buy during the outbreak?

Buying from China, is it ok to hire a private person for export?

Buying from China, especially when you are buying from different suppliers and need someone there in China do the consolidation. You will properly need an agent help you. Comparing to a buying company, a private person could be cheaper. But is it really good to work with the private person.

How to change USD in China?

Traveling in China, you will always need to change USD. For paying the food, taxi and shopping etc. How many ways to change USD in China? What is the best and safest way? Today we are telling you something useful.

A visit to the largest Hotel Supplies market in Guangzhou – Xinji Shaxi Hotel Market

With more than 3,000 shops settled, Xinji Shaxi Hospitality Supplies Expo Center is the largest professional wholesale market for hotel supplies in China. Close to Xinji Shaxi market, there is South Shaxi Hardware Hotel Supplies Center and Guangzhou Xinsha Hardware and Plastic market. These three markets combine the largest distributing center in Guangzhou, with Xinji Shaxi market serving as the heart of it.

Post about buying building materials from China

A visit to a one stop Building Materials Supplier in Guangzhou China

There are some suppliers offering one stop of different building materials in China. Here you can buy all the materials from tiles, basins, toilets, doors and windows, lighting, even wardrobe and kitchen cabinet.

A visit to a comprehensive sanitary ware supplier in Foshan China

Today we visited a sanitary supplier who is located in Foshan city in China. They provide different kinds of sanitary ware inculding toilet, basin, shower, bathtub, tap, accessories and so on.

A visit to Zhiye Ceramics wholesale market – Cheapest ceramics market

Located in Shiwan district, Foshan, Zhiye Ceramics wholesale market is one of the large scale ceramic market in China. What makes it different is that this market offer cheap range product. Covering a big range of products, you can find most of the items with cheaper price here.

A visit to a bathtub sanitary ware factory

Today we visited a bathtub sanitary ware factory, this factory is located in Jiangmen city. From the visiting, we know how is a bathtub factory and how do they make bathtub.

Building Materials buying agent in China Guangzhou

If you are buying different building materials for your house from China, and you are buying from different suppliers, then you might need a building materials buying agent to help you.

List of main Building materials & Furniture markets in China

If you want to buy different building materials for your house or project from China, then here is a clear list of different main markets for building materials, tiles, sanitary, kitchen, lighting and furniture as well.

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