Asia start furniture materials center

A visit to the largest furniture materials market in China Foshan Shunde

There is a biggest wholesale market for furniture materials in China. Located in Shunde district in Foshan city, it is the largest market for furniture parts. Parts you can find here are leather materials, fabric materials, sofa frame, chair legs, glue, hardware for furniture, decorate parts and all other parts for furniture. Today let us visit the market and see what is inside.

High temperature of Ceramic firing plate

A visit to the largest Hotel Supplies market in Guangzhou – Xinji Shaxi Hotel Market

With more than 3,000 shops settled, Xinji Shaxi Hospitality Supplies Expo Center is the largest professional wholesale market for hotel supplies in China. Close to Xinji Shaxi market, there is South Shaxi Hardware Hotel Supplies Center and Guangzhou Xinsha Hardware and Plastic market. These three markets combine the largest distributing center in Guangzhou, with Xinji Shaxi market serving as the heart of it.