How do we inspect the hotel supplies items

We do careful inspection on hotel supplies items. We will open each box, check the exterior, measure the size, run power-on testing, count quantity to make the order is right.

We will first collect all the items and store in our warehouse first. Then we will open the boxes and do inspection carefully.

inspect glass cup by checking appearance and sizes

For Glass cup, we will check the exterior from front to bottom to make sure no defect. We will measure the size of the cup like Dia size and height.

inspect lighting by power on testing

For lighting, not just check the exterior, we will do power-on testing to make sure its working properly.

inspect clothing by checking material, size and quantity

For clothing, we will first check the material to mare sure the right fabric. Then we will measure the sizes, as well as the LOGO sizes. Finally we will count the quantity.

inspect ceramic coffee cup by checking appearance and sizes

For ceramic coffee cup, we will check the exterior, from front view to bottom to make sure no defect on the surface. We will also count the quantity per carton.

inspect knife and fork

For Knife and fork, we will check carefully the surface, make sure there is no defect.

inspect paper cup by checking outside

For paper cup, we will check the front view, bottom view. Will take out the faulty items.

inspect oven by checking surface and sizes.

For oven,  we will check the exterior, measure the size of the machine. Will check the plug to make sure its the right type.

inspection knife tool by checking size and quantity

For knife tool, we will measure the size of each one, count the quantity to make sure its right.

Tanndy Ltd provide careful inspection on every order. You can check more about our inspection by clicking here.

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