How to buy Building Materials & Furniture from China Guangzhou Foshan?

Why buy from China directly?

Better Quality

Here you can find much better quality with the same budget. As all the overseas sellers import from China so after their profit on the product the selling price in your country will be much higher.

Much More Choice

Here the wholesales markets is VERY big and thousands of suppliers here and you have much more selection. There is a wide variety of styles & quality as well and easy for you to choose the ideal one.

How to buy from China for building materials & furniture?

TANNDY LTD has been doing buying and exporting business for 11 years and we are experienced to help you buy from China.
You can simply plan a trip to come China like 5~7 days then we will help you from there. We will help you arrange proper visiting schedule, guide you to the furniture & building materials markets to see good suppliers. We will help you with translation & price negotiation as well.
We also help with inspection and shipping the goods to your country.
You can find more details about how we assist you as below:

  • Send Invitation Letter
    We will send you invitation letter and you can apply visa to China.
  • Booking Hotel for you
    We will recommend some good hotels for you which is good location to visit the markets and good for personal shopping as well. You can tell us the date you want to come then we will book for you.
    We have some recommended hotels for you, pls check: Hotels in Guangzhou   |  Hotels in Foshan
  • Airport Pickup
    We will arrange private driver for airport pickup at Guangzhou Baiyun airport when you arrived. The car is 7 seats business car so it is ok for you to carry big baggage.
    No matter you arrived here in daytime or nighttime, the driver will wait and drive you to the hotel you booked.

  • Restaurant/Halal Food
    We will guide you to local Halal restaurant/Chinese restaurant here.
    There are also such kinds of restaurant around the hotels, we will guide you there.
  • Guide to Wholesale Markets
    We will guide you to different building materials markets and furniture markets in Guangzhou/Foshan.
    We will help you find good suppliers and price negotiation here

  • Translation & Record Order
    We will help you with the translation, our girls speak good english and can understand you.
    We will record all the product info for you, like materials, design, colors, quantity etc. Also taking pictures.
  • -Following up Order
    -We will place the order and keep following up your order accordingly.
    -Will inform you the status of the production in time and let you know when it is finished.
  • -Inspection
    -When the goods is finished, we will inspect to make sure the quantity, quality, design, color, materials etc.
    -We will send you details inspection report so you can have clear view.
  • Loading Container
    -We will collect the goods from different suppliers and store in our warehouse.
    -We then book container and will load all the items into the container.
  • Customs Clearance
    -We will handle proper customs clearance in China.
    -We will make necessary documents for you to clear in your country.
  • Shipping
    -We will ship the goods to you by sea or by air.
    -We will send you the original shipping BL and necessary invoice & packing list by DHL.

When is the best time to come China?

  • When is good to come?
    There are long holiday you should not come to China.
    China National Day: 1~7 October, every year.
    Chinese New Year: February, every year
  • The Furniture & Building material Markets open at weekend?
    Yes, the markets here always open even on Saturday and Sunday.
    They only close in Chinese new year.
  • What time the markets open everyday?
    Normally the markets here open at 9:30am till 18:00pm.
  • How long should I come?
    Normally you can plan for 7~10 days will be enough.
  • Where to come for visiting?
    You can fly to Guangzhou city and stay here.

Common FAQ for visiting China

  • Can you guide us to scenery spot?
    Yes, of course. We can guide you to see local mountain, old temple to see history, local Lake or Park.
    You can see more Scenery Spot in Guangzhou by clicking it.
  • Is there any massage here?
    Yes. Normally there are massage shops near the hotel. They have foot massage, body massage, Thai massage & Chinese massage. We know some good massage shop and we can guide you there.
  • What currency I can use here?
    Here most people only accept local Chinese currency call RMB or YUAN. 1USD equal to 6.6RMB depends on the rate.
    You can change money at the airport or take from local ATM.
  • The local hotel have Wifi?
    Yes, now all the hotel here have wifi for free.

You can visit this page for normal FAQ about China.

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