Why you need a payment agent?

If you search suppliers online like Alibaba or other B2B platform, you may got fake suppliers from it. Fake suppliers used to give very low price to attract customers. After customers paid then they just take the money and do not send the goods.
Sometimes some suppliers give wrong items or incorrect quantity while the customers have paid them. Most of the time it is hard to require the supplier send again correct items. Some of them may refuse to acknowledge incorrect goods.
Whatever occurred will make business with hassle or caused money lost. TANNDY Ltd can strongly protect your money.

  • 5% Scam
  • 10% Wrong Item
  • 15% Incorrect Qty
  • 70% Perfect Deal

How do we protect your money?

TANNDY Ltd have been doing this for 10 years and are experienced to secure your international transaction and protect customers money.

  • Firstly, We will verify their company registration info on local Gov web, make sure they are legally registered and genuine.
  • Secondly, We will sign strict local legal contract with suppliers before paying them. The contract is written by professional lawyer we hired and the terms are strict, so the contract is being protected by the laws in local.
  • Thirdly, We will inspect the goods. Make sure all the design, quantity, quality etc is correct.
  • Finally, if everything is ok then we pay them money.

Yes, I need an payment agent!!

If you would like to know more about our payment secured service please contact us:
Lilian: 0086-18620045496 (On WhatsApp, WeChat)
David: 0086-18620044981 (On WhatsApp, WeChat)
Email: tanndy@TANNDY.com

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