Why buying from Foshan markets

Foshan has the biggest & most professional furniture markets and building materials markets in whole China. If you mainly look for furniture & building material then here is the best option.
Products you can find here are: Furniture, Building materialsSanitary, Hardware, Lighting etc.
The price here is cheaper than other cities. You can find high-end quality, medium quality, cheap ones there.
As it has so many factories so most retails shop for furniture & building materials order from Foshan and sell in other cities.

Markets for Furniture: Louve(High-end), SunLink North Area(Medium), SunLink South Area(Cheap).
Markets for Sanitary: Casa Sanitary Ware Mall
Markets for Building Materials: HuaYi Building Materials Markets, SunLink Lighting City
Markets for Tiles: Foshan International Tile Center, Cihai International Tile Center
Markets for Kitchen: SunLink Kitchen City

What can we help you?

TANNDY has so many customers who buy in Foshan for furniture, sanitary and building materials etc. If you are looking for those materials as well then we may recommend you buy from Foshan markets.
TANNDY has been an export agent for 10 years and now with rich experience in buying these materials. If you want to come to Foshan for furniture & building materials purchase then we can assist you as below:

1)Arrange proper visiting schedule for different markets;
2)Recommend good suppliers with good reputation;
3)Help you find good quality with competitive price;
4)Follow up your orders;
5)Do careful inspection;
6)Consolidate goods from different suppliers into one container;
7)Arrange customs clearance & shipping;
8)Make customs paper work and DHL to you;

Our projects in the world come from Foshan

This is one project that one of our South Africa customer ordered 90% materials from here for his new house.

This is one project that one of our Kuwait customer ordered 90% materials from here for his new house.

How to visit Foshan?

There is no direct international flight to Foshan so usually you should firstly fly to Guangzhou, then from Guangzhou take a car to Foshan(Need to hire Driver?).

Usually people prefer to stay in Guangzhou(for better hotel & restaurant & shopping) and hire a car to visit Foshan. So there are two ways for you:
1) If you stay in Foshan, these hotels are closed to the markets(click for Foshan hotels).
2) If you stay in Guangzhou, these hotels are suggested(click for Guangzhou hotels). You can hire a car(click for info about hire a car) to visit Foshan. The car come with a driver and he will stay with you all day long. The driver can pick you up in the morning from hotel and drive you back to hotel in the afternoon.

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Need guide for Foshan?

Phone Number

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If you want a guide/interpreter for Foshan then please contact us by below:
Email: tanndy@TANNDY.com
David: 0086-18620044981 (On WhatsApp, WeChat)
Lilian: 0086-18620045496 (On WeChat)
We will respond in 30mins during working time.

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