Congratulation to TANNDY’S new LOGO.

TANNDY has finally confirmed it’s new LOGO.
It’s make up by pure word of “tanndy” and with a common bombax flower inserted in the letter “d”.
It looks beautiful and awesome. It will helps us get a new impression of our company.

TANNDY Ltd have been 10 years!!

Congratulation!!! We have been 10 years!!! During the pasting 10 years, we start from zero and developed step by step. Recently we developed quickly and now exporting to over 50 countries in the world with 500 containers per year. Now we are professional enough in the sourcing & exporting area. We have rich experience in sourcing…

Congratulation to our new website!

Congratulation!!! Our new website have finally done. It looks so beautiful & with so much powerful function. We can service you better with such new website. You can find enough information about our company & local guide, we hope it can help you. We appreciate any advice from you. – TANNDY Ltd