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FAQ about fabric market

Does the market open at weekend?

Yes, the fabric market here open everyday, only close during Chinese new year.

What time does the market open during the day?

Normally during 10:00am~18:00pm. Some open little bit earlier like 9:30am but most open before 10:00am.

Do they accept retails/small qty?

Yes, most of them accept small qty even 1 meter/yard. You can buy one roll or 10 meters 5 meters. The price for small quantity will be more expensive than bulk order.

Can I pay them USD cash?

No, most people here don’t accept USD cash even transfer. You can change to local currency RMB in a local bank here or find a money shop.

Can I pay by credit card?

No, most people here don’t accept credit card. You can bring USD cash and change to local currency RMB. You can change in a local bank or some money shops.

Can I collect fabric sample cards from them?

Yes, normally the cards are for free.

Is there any restaurant near the market?

Yes, on the top floor of zhongda market there are many different kinds of restaurant. Also near the market there are some restaurant.

Is there any metro station near the fabric market?

Yes, the nearest metro station is Zhongda Station at Line 8.  D Exit.

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